Gentle Tick EP

by Gentle Tick

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Joseph Yerka AKA LOGHM
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Joseph Yerka AKA LOGHM Gentle Tick sounds like the lovechild of Devildriver and Acid Bath if they'd somehow gotten drunk and abandoned the kid in Russia. Recommended listening for anyone who loves deep, sludgey metal. Favorite track: Into The Depth.
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The band's first EP

Recording, mixing and mastering by Denis Platonov at Con Brio Records (Kaliningrad, Russia)

Cover - Arthur Fironov


released December 7, 2015

Mikhail Sulzhenko - Guitars
Evgenyi Zalyzin - Drums
Vadim Kleymenov - Bass
Igor Gorkov - Vocals



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Gentle Tick Kaliningrad, Russia

The band was formed in September 2014 in Kaliningrad. Gentle Tick released its first EP on December 7th 2015.

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Track Name: The War Goes On
The same path, direction, the way for us to go
The same space, location, the place to call our home
The same time, dimension, the emptiness inside
The same state, depression, the hollowness of mind

The fight in your head
The fight at your door
The fight never stops
The war goes on

The new gods of the new age fill the same heads with the same rage
The new voice tells a new lie with the same face and the same smile
I don’t trust it anymore
The new rules for the new tribes put the same price on the same life
I don’t feel it anymore, feel it anymore
We’ll open our eyes, we’ll open our minds we’ll brace ourselves for a new fight
I don’t fear it anymore, fear it anymore, fear it anymore

The war goes on

Face of a warrior fearless and restless
So stay away, stay away from raging fury, fury
Track Name: Denial
Blind rage
Terror you’ve never known
The right time
To lose everything you own

Fear now
Let your soul rust
All your denial
Makes your blood boil

The lost chance
For a life you’ll never know
The last rite
All this time you’ve been on your own

Die now
Let your soul rust
All your denial
Makes your blood boil

Everything you know is dying
Right before your eyes and there is
Nothing you can do
From the cage of your denial
Track Name: The Source Of Hope
The holy war will help us see who’s wrong
The sacred slaughterhouse
The cleansing fire makes us feel the rush
The carnival of truth

The source of hope, the force that keeps us together
A march of the righteous ones
The guiding light, the torch that leads us forth
Battalions of faith

In the days of darkness and times of fear
You search for guidance
In the desolation and desert storm
You look for home
In lack of patience and thirst for rest
You get oppressed
In paranoia and constant threat
You lose your head
In the days of darkness and times of fear
You disappear

We’re the masters of your life
Watching every step you take
We’re the owners of your soul
We’re the guardians of your fate

We’re descendants of death
We’re disciples of wrath
We’re creators of hate
We’re battalions of faith

Track Name: Into The Depth
Deep inside
Their restless minds
There is a ceaseless pain
They’ve lost in life and wish to die

Deepest, darkest place
Tons of steel in the abyss
Pressure on their skulls
They’re going into the depth

Silent water
The eternal calmness
One way trip for the damned

Down there they’ll find a better home (a better home)
a better home (a better place)
a better home